List of known Urban American owned buildings

This list has been compiled from various resources and serves to assist prospective tenants who are searching online for information about a building. Because Urban American owns over 5,000 units in New York and New Jersey, a full list would be impossible, but I’ll do what I can.

If you are a current or former Urban American Management tenant and your building is not listed, please contact me at Your identity will be kept anonymous.

Updated as of August 4th, 2011.

The Bronx

2100 Wallace Ave. (Source)
2102 Wallace Ave. (Source)
2104 Wallace Ave. (Source)
2106 Wallace Ave. (Source)
2108 Wallace Ave. (Source)
2110 Wallace Ave. (Source)
2112 Wallace Ave. (Source)
2114 Wallace Ave. (Source)
2116 Wallace Ave. (Source)
2118 Wallace Ave. (Source)
2120 Wallace Ave. (Source)
226 West Tremont Ave. (Source)
2487 Grand Ave. (Source)
41 W. 184th St. (Source)
1064 Manor Ave. (Source)
2291 University Ave (Source)
3273 Parkside Place (Source)
2482 Valentine Ave. (Source)
600 Trinity Ave. (Source)
2763 Sedgwick Ave. (Source)
2755 Sedgwich Ave. (Source)
11 West 172nd St (Source)
2542 University Ave. (Source)
1786 Topping Ave (Source)
2322 Grand Ave. (Source)
2076 Creston Ave. (Source)
2509 Hoffman St. (Source)
1575 Grand Concourse (Source)
160 W. Kingsbridge Rd. (Source)
153 West 228th St (Source)


1115 Willmohr Street (Source)
450 Rockaway Parkway (Source)
2021 East 41st Street (Source)
3900 Kings Highway (Source)
665 New York Avenue (Source)
4411 Church Avenue (Source)
1145 East 35th Street (Source)
333 East 93rd Street (Source)
3502 Kings Highway (Source)
909 Avenue T (Source)
2530 Ocean Ave (Source)
1 St. Paul’s Court (Source)
200 East 18th St. (Source)
2015 Foster Avenue (Source)
2101 Bedford Avenue (Source)
350 East 19th St. (Source)
75 Hawthorne St. (Source)
170 North 5th St. (Source)
25 Tennis Court (Source)
35 Tennis Court (Source)
1625 Rockaway Parkway (Source)


610 West 110th St. (Source)
215 West 88th St. (Source)
455 E. 102nd St. (Source)
1940 1st Ave. (Source)
3333 Broadway (Featured in “Eviction Anxiety Rattles a Formerly Subsidized Upper Manhattan Building”, New York Times, October 16th, 2008.)
1307 Fifth Ave. (Source)
1295 Fifth Ave. (“The Heritage” or “Schomburg Plaza”) (Source)
420 E. 102nd St. (Source)
1952 1st Ave. (Source)
1954 1st Ave. (Source)
1956 1st Ave. (Source)
1964 1st Ave. (Source)
1966 1st Ave. (Source)
1890 Lexington Ave. (Source)
1891 Lexington Ave. (Source)
1892 Lexington Ave. (Source)
1893 Lexington Ave. (Source)
1894 Lexington Ave. (Source)
1982 Lexington Ave. (Source)
1990 Lexington Ave. (Source)
1660 Madison Ave. (“A.A. Schomburg Plaza”) (Source)
1309 Fifth Ave. (Source)
50 Overlook Terrace (Source)
106 Fort Washington Avenue (Thanks for submitting your building, C!)


8740 Elmhurst Ave. (Source)
46-01 Skillman Ave. (Source)
47-09 Skillman Ave. (Source)
49-15 Skillman Ave. (Source)
43-31 45th St. (Source)

Roosevelt Island

Eastwood 510 Main Street (Source)
Eastwood 540 Main Street (Source)
Eastwood 546 Main Street (Source)
Eastwood 560 Main Street (Source)
Eastwood 580 Main Street (Source)
Eastwood 516 Main Street (Source)
Eastwood 536 Main Street (Source)
Eastwood 552 Main Street (Source)
Eastwood 576 Main Street (Source)

Staten Island

None known.


None known.

New Jersey

None known.


3 Responses to “List of known Urban American owned buildings”

  1. Anita Sullivan October 15, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    Another building ran by Urban American Management is located at 191-11 Woodhull Ave., Hollis NY 11423. You can never get in touch with them and even though I have been paying my rent on time and I keep my aprtment neat , they are threatening me evicting my daughter and her seven year old daughter. Can someone out there help Her?


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