The trolls have arrived.

27 Jul

Hi, Urban American! It seems you’ve found our site. Welcome. Pull up a seat.

What is a troll? In e-slang, “trolls” post inflammatory, offensive, rude, or inappropriate comments to message boards or forums.

Today, I checked this site to find that there were multiple similar comments left by “Portra Nostrand”, using the email address Though the comments were exactly the same (which is why I’ve only approved one, for spam’s sake), they were all linked to different IP addresses. (What is an IP address? explains.) Oddly, though the comments were posted within minutes of each other, one of “Portra’s” IP addresses was based in Bedminster, NJ – the other was coming from San Jose, CA.

Urban American owns properties, and is based out of, New Jersey, but has nothing to do with San Jose, CA. I’m guessing that they’ve found this site and are “trolling” it, and they’re trying to hide their tracks. Nice try. They’re notorious for tenant harassment (for example, stealing mail, threatening phone calls, etc.) so this is no surprise. Too bad they were outwitted.

My reply to the troll comment will be in the next post, entitled “These Are Real Problems”.


One Response to “The trolls have arrived.”


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