Fan Mail

25 Jul

On July 23rd, C wrote:

“Came upon your blog while searching for Urban American’s phone number, since the laundry in our building at 106 Fort Washington Ave in Manhattan (Urban American-owned as of about 11/10) has essentially been out of service for the past four months. It began with one of the 70-unit building’s whopping TWO dryers breaking down, at which no repairs were even so much as hinted. This was quickly followed by one of the building’s 3 washers shutting down, and it’s now been full of stagnant, fetid water for the past three months. Today we ventured down into the filthy depths of the basement (dotted, of course, with the corpses of many fallen cockroaches) only to find that the 2nd dryer has now malfunctioned, leaving a grand total of TWO washers and ZERO dryers at the tenants’ disposal. This phenomenon of unfixed laundry goes nicely with the scrambling of mice throughout our apartment and those wonderful winter mornings we spent shivering through 60 degree showers.Anyhow, just wanted to say I love the blog, and also let you know that our address is now a member of the Urban American Army. When I saw what you’ve been keeping, I was inspired to consider printing up flyers to post all over the building, to keep all of my fellow tenants informed as to how awful Urban American truly is. Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the story, C. I’ll be adding 106 Fort Washington Avenue (52 open violations!) to the list of Urban American Management owned buildings. In the meantime, here’s what you can do if you’re trapped in an Urban American building. Good luck.

3 Responses to “Fan Mail”

  1. Portra Nostrand July 26, 2011 at 5:33 pm #

    i have been a tnt of for many years and have seen many landlords come and gone. so were very good others not the best but none perfect. I am glad to live in an urban building they may not be the best or always sunnyshine to speak to but who is. can you imagine dealing with so many people in one day. the problem today is that as tenants we believe we deserve all that we ask for and in reality we should but in that case we can buy our own homes and live in luxury. what has this world come to when we are complaining about rent receipts and washing machines. do you this is the first landlord to send us rent receipts. there are bigger problems in the world like not having jobs or food to eat and most important health. please take a look at your complaints and make more use of your time like helping those in need.


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