Violation Calculation

9 Apr


After going through all of the addresses mentioned on the “List of Known Urban American Owned Buildings” page in the Department of Housing and Preservation (HPD) Registration and Violation database, I calculated that Urban American currently has 4,066 open HPD violations.

Compare this to NYC’s current “Worst Landlord” according to the ranking given by the Office of the Public Advocate’s Worst Landlords Watchlist. This honor currently goes to Lisa Dreshaj, who has 2,097 violations amongst her 4 buildings. Urban American has almost double the number of the Dreshraj’s total violations — and this was calculated by only using addresses that I could find linked to Urban American through simple Google searches! They likely own far more buildings than those which I’ve tracked down, and therefore, may have far more violations in their name. Check out “Is Urban American NYC’s Worst Landlord? for details, which shows the details of how I calculated this statistic. There’s even a bonus Excel file of all of the addresses and their violations by class, in case you’d like to fact-check me.

Remember, if you’re a current or former Urban American tenant and your address isn’t on the list, email me at so I can add your building, and whatever violations it may have, to the tally.


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